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To touch the lives of so many, we (the church body), has to get involved in the community and understand the daily hardships of our Christians today. How do we do that? How do we find out what's in the hearts of so many? WE HAVE TO GET INVOLVED... 

Jabez Outreach Ministries believe in the working in the fields with our neighboring partners to touch the lives of those that have yet to reach the sanctuary. For we walk in the blessings & Prayers of Jabez where he will use this vessel to be a blessing among others. From youth programs, domestic violence workshops, to global relationships, we are working diligently to bring many to the body of Christ. 

Image by Tyler Lagalo


Heart to Heart 

The Heart to Heart program, a 501c3 organization, assists victims of domestic violence and their children to break the cycle of violence.

Image by Sydney Sims

Smiling Faces

Jabez Outreach Ministries believes in the future of our children. For education is a necessity to the growth of our communities near & far.

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