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Chris Stoudemire

Keynote Speaker | Certified Domestic Violence Advocate | Domestic Abuse Survivor

From victim to survivor, and now a resolute crusader against domestic violence and abuse, Chris Stoudemire's remarkable journey embodies strength, resilience, and transformation. With an unwavering commitment to uplifting those who have endured the darkness of domestic violence, Chris is a teacher, mentor, motivational speaker, and Christian counselor.

A powerful voice on a mission, Chris addresses a diverse range of audiences, from survivors and victims of domestic violence to advocates, law enforcement professionals, therapists, and counselors. Her compelling presentations offer a unique perspective, shedding light on the hidden scars of domestic violence that aren't always visible to the eye.

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Chris in Action

TOP 8 Reasons to Book Chris Stoudemire for your next event



  • Action Takeaways

  • Authenticity

  • Compassionate

  • Deeply Inspirational

  • Direct

  • Easy to Work With

  • Encouraging

  • Expertise

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